Why “Queen Bee”?

I am one of a legendary list of “Queen Bees” in the northeastern suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio where, when my kids were little, we built a new playground at our elementary school. It was a collaborative project between the PTA, the city and the community school district.

Our PTA representative attended a meeting of the large group near the end of the project where she overheard one of the school district employees say, “Now I know why there’s a B in Blue Ash.” The inference, of course, was that she was being a b@#ch. That year, as we all turned 40 (oh, so many moons ago!), we had Bee-day parties and celebrated our proud bee status. Bees became collectable and were given gifts on special occasions. One day maybe I’ll post photos of some of my favorite bees – human and inanimate!

This blog chronicles my life, loves, craft and the sometimes wild and wonderful thoughts that pass through my brain. (I’ve been known to do my processing as I speak!)

I’ve been knitting and designing for friends and family for over 30 years and love to visit knitting shops wherever I travel. I’m a voracious reader but I’d much rather sit and knit and share a martini (or two) with friends and family.

It’s was odd to find myself living and knitting in Florida but I have designed and blogged and enjoyed my days there with the dream of moving back to New England. In April of 2015 we did just that – moved to our summer house in Maine. We knocked it down and rebuilt it so we can stay here in the winter, too. We want to live close to the earth with my loving new (or old) partner and a small herd of dogs, chickens, bees and maybe a cat, too.

Life is an adventure and I haven’t made it this far without learning that I am responsible for making myself happy. While I’m not perfect (although I’m close) I am thankful for my blessings and I’m learning from my mistakes – in knitting and in life!

1 thought on “Why “Queen Bee”?

  1. Who sez you are not perfect? In order for there to be a “not Perfect” there must be a “Perfect” at the other end of the continuum. For there to be a “Hot” there must be a “Cold” right? Well maybe it’s all subjective. My idea of cold might not coincide with someone living in Alaska, or Maine for that matter. I put on a sweater and Mainers are in tees. So is perfection subjective?
    Also, if you agree with the saying “No one’s perfect” then wouldn’t it follow that there is no “perfection”? If its not “out there”, how do you know it exists or doesn’t? If there is no “perfection”, how can there be “imperfection” to compare it to. Who sez?


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