iloveknittingI teach knitting in Central Maine at the Yardgoods Center in Waterville and for the Adult Education Continuing Education program.

When our guest cabin is updated, we will have lessons on the porch or in my atelier (It’s French for studio. Hey! I live near Canada now!)

I will travel to your local yarn shop. Give me a call!

Schedule your groups early to be able to secure the dates you desire! Below is a tasting of the classes I can teach!


I am a knitter! I am a knitter!

Knit 101 – Learn to Knit 

A series of four classes to learn how to cast on, knit, purl and bind off. These are the first building blocks that are essential to knitting. Also essential is practice! It’s the only way to get your yarn tensioning working in your favor. I love this class because it brings new knitters in to the world. I know you’ll love it, too! $75.00 per person for the series!


IMG_1125Pattern Stitches

This class will teach you many of the ways that the knit and purl stitches can be manipulated to make different patterns and all in one color! There are books and books of stitches that you can buy. Once you know a few, you’re going to want to learn more! It’s exciting to see the patterns unfold before your eyes … or should I say, in your fingers? The “swatch” made in class will be made into a cosy for your iPad, Nook, Kindle or whatever technology you own that needs one! One class, $25.00.


Knitty's Picture of the Anatomy of a Sock Knitty’s Picture of the Anatomy of a Sock

Super Socks – Sock Knitting for Beginners

Learn the steps in constructing a “cuff down” sock and the devilish “heel turn” on this super-size sock pattern that will be felted at home into wonderfully warm slippers. They’ll be knit in the round on circular needles that aren’t teeny-tiny with worsted-weight yarn. Some of us just need to see how it goes together with “big” yarn before we try the “skinny” yarn! Three classes, $60.00 per person.


IMG_1171Two-at-a-time Toe Up Socks

Yup, you’ve got it right! We’ll be knitting two socks at a time and starting at the toe! Learn a new way to cast on stitches and then keep going. Knitters who are afraid they’ll get one sock finished and will never (ever!) again pick up those teeny tiny needles and yarn to finish a second, will love this technique. I’ll teach you the magic loop, a new cast on and we’ll take it easy through the pattern and you’ll get lots of support. This is my new go-to pattern for socks because it’s so much fun and pretty simple once you’ve done it once. You’ll be a sock knitter in no time! Three classes, $60.00 per person.

628px-Attention_Sign.svgBuild Your Own Class

I can create classes all day long but they may not be the classes that you’d love to take. Design your own class and I’ll find patterns and yarn that you can use to learn the techniques or projects that are challenging you! What do you want to knit? The possibilities are endless!


All classes are taught by Craft Yarn Council Certified Knitting Teacher, Linda Warner of Queen Bee Knits

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at QueenBeeKnits at gmail (dot) com … I have to do that to avoid the web’s spammers who will be sending me all kinds of junk emails and clogging my account!


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