“No Knitting” Visit

Sorry, I have knitted barely a stitch since arriving in Cincinnati on Sunday afternoon. This is an opportunity to spend time with my son – who has ordered a couple more pairs of socks. He wants a black and a brown pair. When I was in Maine, YardGoods Center had just received a new shipment of one-color sock yarn and one of them was in brown. So, of course, I bought it. My son wants his socks to be only about 4 inches in length from the ankle (heel?).

Bear’s Who Dey! Socks (2009)

The first pair of socks that I made for him were with a fun self-striping yarn that was in the colors (or nearly) of the Cincinnati Bengals. He said “don’t bother” to make him socks because he probably wouldn’t wear them. Well, I decided to make them anyway and gave them to him for Christmas last year. A few days later … well, maybe a week later … he texted me and said that he was “obsessed” with the socks and wondered if he could “order” more. Go figure! Obsessed? Ha! I’m just glad he liked them and it tickles me to make him more. He’s such a good kid … ever heard that once you have children your heart lives outside your body? Well, it’s true. I love them all more than life. Lucky me!

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