Love in the Morning

Ha! Ha! Catchy title, right? What I mean about Love in the Morning is that I love knitting in the morning. Get your head out of the gutter. Morning came really early this morning. That’s what happens when you live with an aging Cocker Spaniel who has Cushing’s Disease and is losing control of his bladder. The good news is that it gives me an opportunity to take up my knitting (which has been living on the family room couch, aka futon, lately) and make a dent – albeit a tiny one – in my projects on the needles.

I spent an hour or so on the little gray (is it gray or grey?!) ruffled and rusched capelette. I sure hope that I have enough of the gray lace-weight yarn since I have never had the label for the yarn since it was a gift from a secret friend gift swap. But it feels so nice and it’s knitting up really well. I am even, seemingly, able to count all the stitches. And then I spent another hour on the second Christmas gift for someone special in my life. Lots of cables in this one and each row is a bit different from the one before it.

I love cables. It must be my Irish heritage. The Christmas gift started out when my Cincinnati friend, Bonnie, posted a picture of one that she had started on her blog (Tres Bon Babble). The pattern asked for a contrasting color on the cuff, heel and toe but I opted for the traditional Aran winter white. The first one is really pretty and I love it. The second is coming along a bit more quickly than it’s sister and for that I’m grateful.

I’ll post some photographs when they’re both done! (I should say, when they’re all done!) So, that’s what I love to do in the morning, among other things. Tee hee! Knit on!

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