Tempus Fugit

If my high school memory of Latin is correct, the title of this blog entry is “Times Flies” … and OMG, it sure feels like it has flown by yet again.

Life seems sometimes to take on a life of it’s own and doesn’t feel like it’s mine any more … certainly I make few of the choices about what gets done. I’m not sure if that is the “pleaser” or the “victim” in me. Regardless, I’m going to make a more focused effort to own my time. Particularly where it applies to my knitting business and projects that are potentially money-making.

I’ve finished all my holiday knitting projects that were planned and I am now happily participating in a Christmas Secret Santa gift for my sister-in-law-to-be’s sister’s dog. Whew! My younger brother is being married on the Winter Solstice (December 21) in Northern California to a lovely woman who has made him happy to wake up in the morning. I love seeing my brother so happy! We’ve agreed to do a Secret Santa gift swap in lieu of attempting to buy presents for everyone. I’m really excited that I “drew” Abbie’s sister, Lisa, who has a little shihtsu named Chewy. Chewy is brown like Chewbaca of Star Wars fame. Thus, his sweater will be a manly (dare I say beastly) sweater with the ammo carrier – all knitted of course!

I was gifted a beautiful mini skein of superwash fingering merino wool from Apothecary Yarns in the “Off With her Head” colorway. It’s lovely and is just screaming to be made into a lovely bookmark. (Have I told you that reading is my favorite activity next to knitting? Well, not sure if it’s second or third next to knitting and baking.

I’ve also been wanting to start a few pairs of mittens and fingerless gloves … one for me in Malabrigo’s Angora in the colorway called “Pollen” which, for me, is a very special color. I plan to knit up a pair of Vogue Knitting’s bobble mittens that I saw in the magazine a few issues ago. Also in my queue is a pair of Drops Design’s wrist warmers with cable pattern which I will be knitting up in Knit Pick’s City Tweed DK in the “Enchanted” colorway for my darling daughter who gifted me with the yarn on my birthday.

And, of course, there are the work pieces which will be a priority in the New Year. I have my beautiful natural lambs wool from Maine’s Winterberry Farm … I keep feeling the yarn which is sitting on the work table in my atelier.

Pictures to come! (After Christmas!)

Have a good time … don’t waste it today!

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