Della Q Contest …

I love the little contests that are on different blogs. The one that I just entered is on the Webs blog and also on the Della Q blog. The prize is a Della Q circular needle case. It’s lovely and would make a great birthday present for my lovely … WAIT! I’m not telling, because maybe she reads my blog.

Anyway… thanks Webs and Della Q … if you’re a knitter and haven’t “found” these sites, you’re missing some really good knitting stuff! I adore my Della Q circs case that my lovely sister, Kathy, gave me!

Since someone didn’t remember to give me the winning ticket for the Florida Powerball lottery last week when it was over $125 million, maybe I’ll get lucky and win the case!

I’m crossing my fingers … well, I may be crossing my toes because it’s mighty difficult to knit with crossed fingers!

Gone knitting! 🙂

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