Writing it Down …

"Senorita Lolita" - Prima Dogma for Queen Bee Knits Copyright 2010

It’s been a challenge but I’ve finally knitted a second iteration of the Senorita Lolita Sweater and written down the pattern.

Version 2 Complete! Pattern is ready for test-knitters!

For some reason, I couldn’t get it right and have knitted and frogged several times. Finally, however, I’ve gotten it done! I only have to knit the flower to “jazz it up” and it’s done. Lola will have another sweater to wear and I’ll have a first original pattern for my Queen Bee Knits “Prima Dogma” line. The second design is on the needles but I’m struggling through it as well and am trying not to let it get the better of me! For now, I’m reveling in the sense of accomplishment that I have for getting the first one done.

I used a cheap-o ball of sock yarn that I had in my stash from JoAnn Fabrics. Nothing special as far as the yarn goes, but pink does look great on my little girl! The needles that I used, however, were a different story.

Takumi Clover (US 5). The needles knit just fine but when you have to slide the knitting to the other side of the needles, it’s nearly impossible to get the stitches onto the bamboo part. I think I’m going to have to splurge and get some new needles for the Queen Bee!

Photos soon but for now, I’m off to eat my first Maine lobster of the season!


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