When I first saw this photograph, I cried. Real tears.

I follow a wonderful blog “The Bedlam Farm Journal” and I wish you would, too.

This is Simon. John has taken him in, so to speak, at his farm and is tending to his wounds. I think what touched my heart is the raggedy, damaged animal who is standing there and accepting wherever it is that he is. Animals don’t hate, they don’t hold grudges, the don’t get angry. They accept. They live in the moment, as John says so well. We may want to make them into humans and attach to them human emotion but they simply aren’t and don’t have the capacity.

I find I spend a lot of my time trying to figure out why (and how) people do things. How does a woman squat to pee in a crowded parking garage in Orlando, Florida after a graduation? How do people think they have the power to tell parents how to raise their children? How do people mistreat animals and small children? How can a farmer so ignore an animal that it nearly dies?

Animals are wonderful companions. They don’t talk back. They don’t judge. Yes, they can be trying at times (but so can our children or significant others). My sense is that it’s not about the animals. It’s not their fault that we can’t control our temper … when my dogs pee on the floor, I figure it’s my fault that I didn’t let them out. I am the one with the opposable thumbs! I believe that we, humans, have the power to control our tempers … we have the power to be the loving and kind caretakers, to think before we speak or act. We have the power, and the “superior intellect” that enables us to live in the present, reason at the highest levels, to do all the things that make us human … and yet at times, we behave as animals. The only thing is, that animals don’t behave that way.

I’ve been having a struggle (again) with a knitting block. It’s not unlike a writers block (I’m writing, I’m just not knitting) but with yarn. And needles. I have plenty of work to do but for some reason, I just want to read or watch TV (we don’t have TV so I watch the Internet), or communicate with friends and family on facebook. I just don’t want to knit. Is that my dogs’ fault, too? If I’m frustrated with me, can I take it out on them? Yeah, well, NO. Not acceptable. They give me unconditional love and tail wags and I owe it to them to be the best human I can be.

I love Simon’s face. He seems at the same time grateful and sad, pained and at peace. I’m so grateful for loving and caring people like John … and I hope Simon finds peace in his new home. God bless you John!

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