Yup, Not Knitting (again!)

So, for the last few days, I’ve been doing absolutely no knitting … again!

For a couple of days, I was getting ready to have my daughters visit us. Cleaning up, getting a new bed for the little bedroom upstairs and making one side of the guest house into a “bunk room”. BUT, the box spring of the new bed would not and could not fit up the stairs (even with part of the wall removed). So, plan B. The new bed is in the guest house and the bunk room is in the little bedroom upstairs in the main house.

The next few days, I did laundry -thank God for a couple of sunshiney days – and got the beds made, cleaned up and then waited for them to get here on Friday night.

The weekend was absolutely the best weekend that I’ve had in ages. All three of my children were under my roof for the first time since I became divorced. Sure, I’d seen all three at my brother’s house on my 50th birthday and another time in New York. But to have them all under MY roof was a mom’s dream. When they’re all here with me, all is right with the world. While the weather was fairly June-ish, we had a sunny and warm Saturday morning and coffee on the front porch. The rest of the weekend was rainy and cold but inside my heart, and with my kids, it was all warm and fuzzy.

I’m so grateful that they made the effort to get here and to be here. And this mom hasn’t been knitting but she’s still smiling.

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