Don’t Bring Your Ferret to Maine

They say something like, “fish and company stink after three days” and sometimes it’s true. Sometimes it’s not.

My family (thirteen people and eight dogs) was here for nearly a week and there was no “trouble” … no issues, only fun and laughter and cooperation. Everyone pitched in. And we hardly even left “campus”.

It’s bothersome, though, that some people take a visit with others for granted and impose themselves on unsuspecting, welcoming, warm, caring people and then smack them upside the head because they’re unwilling to reciprocate. Or they leave half-consumed beverages to sour in bedrooms. Or they don’t lift a finger to help with cooking and the general upkeep of the house.

Fortunately, we mostly have the experience with friends and family where everyone is willing to strip their beds and even put the sheets in the laundry and they’re more than willing to share with us as we share with them. It’s the exceptions who befuddle me.

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