Rainy Day Purples? (A Shade Different from Rainy Day Blues)

So, last night was my knitting group and it was good to be back. And despite today’s rain, my “sinus thing” is feeling better and I’m feeling better, too.

One of the reasons that I love knitting is the people that I’ve met. They’re such a diverse group – elderly religious women to outwardly gay men and everything in between. And I’ve loved them all! It’s a group of people who share a passion for fiber and for making things with their hands. You can’t do it on the cheap, it’s simply not possible – it’s an investment of time and money – but perhaps the real reason we all do it is for the community. The knitters. The people. Sitting and visiting for a couple of hours with busy hands. Helping each other with challenges of the fiber kind as well as those we meet in life.

Last night JoAnne was telling about meeting one of our other “girls” at the grocery store. She was stressed about a family matter and was being “bossed” by her relatives. JoAnne, in her fabulously direct way that women seem to get as they get older said, “they can all wait while you take care of you!” The best advice to a great person who wants to do for others.

Wonderful Betty helped me turn the heel on the two-socks-on-one-needle-socks-from-H@#$! Yippee! I’m not sure I really will ever try this again or that I would be able to repeat it. BUT, I have a concept of how it’s done and have learned something new in the process. I think I’m happy knitting one sock at a time and not having them matchy matchy. LOL!

So, now I have the following projects on the needles:

  • Two socks on one needle (that used to be from H#$%) with the heels turned.
  • Socks (magic loop … one at a time, thank you very much!) for my boy – in black.
  • Hexipuffs for my Beekeepers Quilt (seven down, three gazillion to go!)
  • Cambridge Shawl (version 4 … I think I’ve got it right. Next time, I won’t over think it!)

    Cambridge Shawl - WIP

  • Celebration sock #1 is finished but I’ve yet to start sock #2.

And I need to find something fabulous to make for Aunt Judy’s 70th birthday party in October! Lace scarf? Bella mittens? Fingerless gloves? We’ll see what I can find. And my niece’s baby turns one in October so I’ll have to make him something! So many projects and so little time! 😉

For now, I’m so grateful for my knitting friends who I’ve met along the way … all of you … you know who you are. I need to put my computer down, pick up my fraidy-cat dog who’s afraid of the thunder outside. Bless his little heart!

Gone comforting!