Inspiration Needed … Meet the Knitting Guild

I need some new inspiration and so I have decided to enlist the help of the Knitting Guild and take a class.

I was going to start at the Masters Level 1 but changed my mind at the eleventh hour and decided to take the Basics class instead … just to get my head in the right place, set the intention (so-to-speak) and get myself thinking more about my knitting process. The packet was delivered Saturday and I’m really excited about starting but must wrap up a couple of projects already on the needles.

My Kate Middleton shawl is zipping along (yeah, well, not really… it’s slow going when you’re increasing only one stitch every other row!) I really like this pattern and if I could require myself to sit and work on it for a couple of days, I’d be half way through! It’s going to be worth it though and I adore the color I picked.

I have not one but four socks to finish … one more “birthday party” sock to match the finished one, must knit the feet of the two socks on one needle and finish them up, and I cast on a new sock promised to my son (he actually has asked for a black pair of socks!) and I’d like to get them done by Christmas. So … once again, I’m up to my eyeballs in projects and haven’t started to re-work the cabled sweater for the Prima Dogma line.

Test knitters have the Señorita Lolita sweater and I hope it will be a smooth process for them … I’m eager to see how it knits up. I’d love to make a couple more that I could leave in California on consignment to see how they sell. I’m not sure it’ll happen for this next trip … but time will tell!

For now, I’m going to sneak in a little bit of knitting while Aunt and Uncle are still sleeping. Then off to an art museum and the little dogs have an appointment with their Uncle Doctor for check-ups this afternoon.


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