Thankful for …

Wicked's Munchkin Boq

I’m thankful that today was a good day.

We made a bunch of old people happy and it really didn’t take much. We took N’s mother to listen to some Thanksgiving Tunes at the nursing home. While there, the man performing asked to meet Boq (my little boy dog) and then I took him to say hello to all the people listening to the show … while the show went on. Lots of smiles.

Also spent an hour or so outside and chatting with family of the elderly men and ladies who live here. It’s amazing how everybody has a story about a dog. Even the people who appear to be totally “out of it” smile and connect with a fuzzy little face. Boq was a champ and it feels so great to bring a smile to the face of someone else. Especially on Thanksgiving.

And I got a bit of knitting done, too!

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