“Au Revior” Allergies

Yucky Dust Mites

Anybody who knows me knows that I have this annoying (yes, it’s even annoying to me!) allergic cough. I’ve had it for years. YEARS! I’ve done everything known to man – x-rays of my sinuses, allergy shots, doctor visits galore – and all with no result … well, no positive result, anyway!

I just read a great article in Natural Home and Garden Magazine about getting rid of allergens in your house. I thought I should share them with you here!

1) We track in most chemicals on our feet and our fur-family drag in yucky stuff on their little feet. With that in mind, vacuum frequently (um, I’m making no promises on this one) with your windows open while you vacuum and for 30 minutes after. If you have pets or carpets, this is especially important: Use a HEPA vacuum. There are also HEPA air cleaners and if your budget allows, this is recommended. The best ones have carbon for chemical filtering. You might also consider leaving your shoes at the door and wiping your pet’s feet every time you go into your home.

2) Moisture makes your home a really lovely place to live for mold and other allergens. Run exhaust fans when cooking or bathing (and for 30 minutes after bathing) to get all the extra moisture out of the air. It’s really important that your exhaust fans vent to the outside … otherwise your air is recirculating. If it’s not humid and you can open your windows, do so!

Also, check outside drainage – water should be directed away from foundations – and when you have carpets cleaned, use chemical-free cleaning methods that require the least water.  Only clean carpets when outside air is dry and you can open windows. (Or get rid of your carpets … hard surface floors are nearly a prescription “cure” for allergies!)

3) Dust mites are horrible creatures. Before you make your bed, pull back the covers and air the bedding. Wash sheets weekly in hot water. New sheets and bedding are coming out that are made with chemical-free, organic wool which is naturally mite-resistant. use mattress and pillow covers woven to at least 4.91 microns. Make sure your bedding is free of PVC and antimicrobial, stain- or wrinkle-resistant treatments.

4) If you have seasonal pollen allergies, sorry, you can’t do this next tip – open your windows! Fresh air and sunlight are free remedies for particulates, mites, moisture and chemicals. For faster action, turn on exhaust fans (exhausted outside of course) at the same time.

Thanks to Mary Cordaro Inc who wrote this article.



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