Big Life, Small Life? Thinking about Jon’s Question

Choosing the Big Life

I read Jon’s Bedlam Farm Journal post about “Big Life, Small Life” this morning.

As usual, Jon asks a thoughtful question at the end and as I ponder it, I reflect on different “chapters” of my life and whether they were Big Life or Small Life and I am believing that they were a mix of both but I can see the Small Life peeking it’s head into the past more often and with not always the best results.

Today, I choose to live the Big Life. For me, that means living in the present and being willing to look forward instead of back (because nothing about the past can be changed.) To be strong. To believe in myself. To love my children the best way that I know how. To care for the Earth and be grateful for the gifts that it brings me. To love with all my heart. To be supportive and encouraging of others. To honor my creativity. To enjoy each day and find gratitude for what I have. To be open to new experiences. To be fearless.

Gone Knitting!


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