Mrs. Clean Battles the Stinky Dish Washer

My muscles are not nearly as well-defined!

When I turned the dishwasher on the other day, I figured the stench that was emanating from it would go away once the dishes were clean. That the fish residue was causing the odoriferous cloud.


Just read a blog post that said I can replace the expensive rinse aid (the light was blinking that the rinse aid was low) with white vinegar. Wow! I just HAD to share this! I’ve been buying that blue bottle of stuff for years. If only I’d known! A teeny weeny bottle of a well-known brand is quite an expenditure. Using vinegar is a lot (note: A LOT!) less expensive and better for the environment, too. One thing to note, however, make sure the rinse agent stuff is all gone before you add vinegar. Lots of chemicals used in the normal course of life don’t like each other and make a toxic blend! So, err on the side of caution.

But get rid of the blue stuff you’ve been using because the packet came with the washer! You’ll save enough money to buy more yarn! 🙂

Gone knitting

PS – wanted to add one more thing about vinegar. It has anti-microbial/anti-bacterial properties and is edible and biodegradable. It will not harm children or pets. Put full-strength vinegar in a spray bottle and use for disinfecting countertops and bathrooms. This “cleaner” can be used for so many things – and has no chemicals which makes it safe for humans and pets with allergies and asthma. Forget about “convenient” (and expensive) throw-away cleaners. Vinegar is a fabulous all-purpose, green, frugal household cleaner!

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