Knitting Certification – progress

I am a knitter!

In order to teach at Michael’s, I have to become certified to teach knitting with the CYC (Craft Yarn Council). I have been working on getting the swatches knitted for the first five lessons and I’m nearly there. One swatch (lace) to go and then the ends need to be woven in and they all need to be blocked. I’ll attempt to get this project done and in the mail this week.

OMG, that means today and tomorrow!

The certification is somewhat simpler than the requirements that I’ve experienced in the Knitting Masters Program through the Knitting Guild Association … which I will get back to working on as soon as I get some orders for knitted garments finished and sent. Orders from friends and family are keeping this Queen Bee’s fingers busy!

I’m grateful that my knitting can help them to give a hand-made gift to special friends!

Gone knitting!

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