I need a Lesson in Forgiveness

How do you forgive?

I know it’s not good or healthy for me to harbor anger and resentment and I’ve been working to release those feelings but they’re sometimes still hanging on and hanging in. I resent those people who have intentionally hurt me, who tell people things that are not true. Whose behavior hurts the people that I love. On some level, it’s funny to think that someone is so nasty and biting and has these preconceived notions about who I am without ever having gotten to know me. Someone who makes me the scapegoat in the failure of a marriage in order to be blameless themselves. Especially when the marriage was based on lies and secrets rather than love. Someone who blames me for the disintegration of their stability and their financial ruin and won’t be happy until I am broke too, perhaps?

I’m ready to move on. To move forward. To live with an eye looking forward and not back. Certainly not with regrets. I’ve done the best that I knew how every day. I’ve been honest with myself and others. I’ve been generous and given without strings.

So, tell me … how do you forgive?

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