USOC Attorneys Attempt to End the “Ravelympics”

I just found out from a Facebook and knitting friend that Ravelry is under fire by the USOC.

Here’s a link to the letter written by law clerk, Brett Hirsch.

Seems that the use of the “ympics” part of the word “Olympics” MAY be an impingement of the USOC’s exclusive right to use the word Olympics. An obvious blend of Ravelry and Olympics attempting to “falsely suggest a connection to the Olympic Movement” Are you kidding me? This is ludicrous and surely these attorneys have better ways to spend their time than trying to intimidate a bunch of knitting/crocheting crafters and artisans who are, in actual fact, having a little competition of their own in HONOR of the Olympics.

Is not imitation the highest form of compliment?

So, knitters, beware! Do not ever dare knit the Olympic rings into your hats or afghans. They, too, belong to the USOC. The word “Olympics” is not allowed in your pattern titles or posts. The USOC attorneys have nothing better to do than to pick on us as we attempt to stretch ourselves and have a little bit of fun as a community during the Olympics.  (By the way, as we were knitting we were also WATCHING the Olympics.)

While, at times, a bit tongue in cheek, it is certainly not meant to be disrespectful of the athletes. They are all winners by virtue of their participation in the Olympic games.

Gone knitting … with a bitter taste in my mouth.

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