Boot Candy Boot Cuffs

Boot Candy

I bought this pattern ages ago. My daughter asked for them. I’ve been so busy with knitting projects for customers that I am only now getting around to knitting them!

She asked for a neutral color. I’ve chosen to use some of my stashed yarn (bulky) is what the pattern asks for! I’m knitting with Rowan Scottish Tweed Chunky in a black tweedy yarn (color 023). It has flecks of bright red, blue and yellow in it. What I’ve learned about knitting with black yarn is that it’s really difficult to see the stitches and I have to keep close attention on what row I’m on. Even with the chunky wool, it’s difficult to see the stitches to count the rows!

Bee-utiful Cables! – Yarn is really black, not gray. I’m such a great photographer! 🙂

The pattern is Boot Candy Boot Cuffs by Sara Gresbach of Addiesma Designs. Simple to follow with a cable that is very attractive. I’m a bit concerned, despite the fact that I am on gauge, that these are going to be too big for my daughter but they fit my legs so only time (and postage) will tell! It’s just about the perfect time to send to her in Chicago where it’s getting a bit chilly at this time of year.

I, frankly, am a bit jealous about the cooler weather. It’s still hot and humid here in Orlando! I love my girl (well, all my kids) and I hope they fit and she loves them!

Gone knitting.


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