Almost Finished & “I don’t sew well!”

I’ve finished and blocked my mink and cashmere scarf/shawlette and it’s beautiful! I love it. Have also finished a couple of dish cloths and a pair of fingerless mitts.

Still on the needles and almost finished is a baby sweater heading to the Cape (Cod, that is!) as a baby gift for a new great-nephew. I’ve blogged about the yarn I’m using before and I am loving it again so it deserves to be shared again. I am knitting with a bulky yarn hand-dyed in Gloucester, MA. The colorway, is “Grateful Thread” (ha! I just realized that I love the double entendre here. This is a grateful thread – my blog!) is a literal rainbow of color that knits together to be bright but not obnoxious! It has a super soft hand is a superwash merino! The yarn is Flat Rocks Yarns “Whirlpool”. I have a ball of their sock yarn, too (in the tourmaline colorway). I just haven’t had a chance to knit with it yet! Whilpool is available at Coveted Yarns in Gloucester, MA … or on their website!

So, anyway, on the needles is the baby sweater and an unfinished baby blanket which I have intended to finish but needed some more yarn. Now I’ve got it and can finish the blanket! Yay! I still have to finish my cotton tank and figure out what to do with my Maine cardigan – all knitted but the pattern didn’t work well around my shoulders. SO, I’ll take it to my LYS and see what they suggest as a “simple fix”!? Also still on the needles is a gift scarf with some lace and knitted from a lovely angora yarn grown and spun in Maine. There may be others but I have another project in process, too!

AND, I’m not going to share it with you until after Christmas but suffice it to say, I’m excited to be making a gift for all of our kids and our nieces and nephews … it’s something that my kids enjoyed while growing up. And since I am not really a sewing goddess … well, it’s a challenge for me that I am enjoying. I hope that all my family will enjoy them because they are made with love! When my kids were still in high school, they were involved in the theater and I volunteered to help with costumes, sets, fund raising … whatever was needed. Costumes was not my forte … and I was “allowed” to iron and, depending on the situation, cut. But I was not allowed to sew! I still giggle about that day – and my wonderful friends who encouraged me to participate despite my sewing “challenges”!

In all, I’m feeling blessed and so grateful to have so many family members to make gifts for at Christmas time.

Gone sewing! 🙂



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