Teaching Cajun-Style!

I told you that I was teaching for two weeks at the Yarn Nook in Lafayette, LA.

Well, let me tell you, they love to knit in Cajun Country! I have been teaching this week and have enjoyed meeting all of my students. I’m impressed by the number of people who are excited about learning to knit and their dedication.

So far, though, I am most impressed by the 18 (or so) women and one young man who came out to the Knit Night at the Yarn Nook tonight. A lovely evening that included fun and fellowship and knitting  and crocheting and also dinner – lovely pulled pork sandwiches and chocolate cake all cooked by Suzette while she worked at the shop today! It was such fun!

I promise that I will start taking pictures and posting photos of my students and their knitting! I know you’re all wondering what we’re up to down here!

Gone knitting! (Well, actually, I’m going to sleep!)

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