Miranda’s Lesson

IMG_1147This is Miranda and the mermaid sweater that she knitted. She knitted it without a pattern. She’s been knitting for about a year. Let me make sure you hear what I’m saying (writing?) … She designed the sweater by herself. Without a pattern! She found the mermaid online and knitted it into her sweater with only about a year of experience. Note that each sleeve is different: One with a two-color cable and the other with fish swimming around the cuff end. I am simply in awe of such a fearless knitter.

I was fortunate to meet Miranda at Knit Night and also to have her in a class last week. She picks up a concept very quickly and even if she is struggling with size 1 (US) needles and sock-weight yarn, she has a great attitude. Telling herself “I can do this” just quietly enough that I could hear her but not loud enough to hear throughout the shop. And I think what I’ve learned from Miranda is that if we practice encouraging self-talk, we can do anything that we want. We should not fear trying new things.

Learning hexipuffs

Learning hexipuffs

Miranda’s attitude is in stark contrast to some of the adult students who don’t share the same habit of cheering herself along through a challenging project or technique or just something new. We learned hexipuffs, i-cord … and that when we use positive self-talk, we can accomplish much more than if we beat ourselves down because we aren’t immediately proficient at a task.

A good lesson and an impressive teacher. Thanks, Miranda!

Gone knitting!


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