Not Blogging … Not Really Knitting

Gee, this working full-time sure does cut into my knitting time! It seems to affect my blogging time, too!

A Pretty Picture from Third Grade!

A Pretty Picture from Third Grade!

But the work is rewarding and fulfillng even at the (what did the Principal say at the time of my interview?) horribly low pay. Apparently my pay comes from the state which funds the special services program and it’s lower than what the school district would pay a temporary employee. The good news is that I chose well and I love the classroom that I’m working in and enjoy working with the other teachers and our students, too.

And today our teacher is proctoring the FCAT so it’ll be the Assistant and me in the classroom. She’s the sub and I’m the assistant and it’s “Fun Friday” so we’re going to be doing some Science and will be sprouting beans in our classroom and keeping watch over them and taking notes about what happens! Yesterday they were excited about it … and we hope they will be today!

But enough of that, I’ve go to run to get ready and out of the house …

Gone teaching!

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