Drops Design Tunic 111-21

Bet you didn’t know that 21 was my lucky number!

I’ve done some frogging lately … my brother’s birthday socks for the second time because despite the fact that they were on gauge, they were never, repeat, NEVER, going to fit over his big heels! … and also my Boxy Cardigan made from my wonderful Sea Colors Maine yarn because my Yankee ingenuity bit me in the behind. I will rip back a row from now on so that I don’t have to make a join in the middle of the piece. (Or I’ll make a different join. What was I thinking?)

One project that I have not had to frog is my DROPS design tunic. I bought the yarn, Berroco’s Pure Pima (color 2243/due lot 169, 115 yards, 100% Pima Cotton) online ages ago because it was such a good deal and cotton is a great fiber for Florida living. It was also a really pretty light blue that I loved.

One side is done and ready to be seamed to the second side which is on the needles and I’ve made it to the ribbing at the top. The tunic is mostly stockinette stitch and on rather small needles (US 6 and US 1) and then it’s 1×1 ribbing at the top on the smaller needles.

What changing from the 6 to the 1 needles does is make the Empire waistline gather beautifully. The top should be a somewhat close fit and the bottom will be loose and drapey. I can’t wait to have it done because this is the time that I can wear it!

One word of warning. The DROPS patterns are written differently and can be confusing to follow. I normally would say, “Don’t read ahead” but for these patterns (at least the ones that I have made up) I would recommend reading the pattern first and making sure that you have an idea of how the project goes together. I haven’t bought the DROPS yarn to go with their patters (YET!) but I think their prices are very fair and they’ve been around for awhile, too! I’m guessing their products are good, too.

Gone knitting!

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