Maine Fiber Frolic 2013

IMG_1586 What a wonderful day!

We headed out early to miss the worst of the heat – who knew that Maine would be seeing temperatures in the high 80s on June 1? The natives must all have their air conditioners whirring! Windsor Fair Grounds was abuzz by 9-ish when we arrived. Eager fiber hoarders (like me) lining up to pay their admission and see what wonders were on the other side of the fence.

My Mr. N decided to tag along this year … decreeing that he’d be close but in the shade. All except for the sheep herding which he wanted to see. That was in the full sun. He reported that it was utterly amazing. Did you know that you can pick a sheep up behind its front teeth and place it on it’s butt and it won’t move? Neither did we. Nor did we know that if a sheep somehow ends up on its back that it may die. Learn something new every day! 😉

Cute babies galore!

Cute babies galore!

The Fiber Frolic was another great event this year. Lots of vendors. Lots of sheep and goats and rabbits and alpaca!

Fabulous Fleece ... and there were many!

Fabulous Fleece … and there were many

I spoke to a few new vendors like Northern LIght Fibers from Block Island, RI. I have some history there so I enjoyed hearing that there is a full fiber mill on the island now. They’re working to change the tourist-trade calendar on the island and trying to encourage people to venture out even when it’s not summer. I hope they succeed. They’re hosting the Block Island Lace Knitting Retreat the weekend of October 11-14, 2013 with Galina Khemeleva. I’d love to go. We shall see what the late summer promises!

Had a lovely chat with several yarn folks. Tidal Yarns‘, Patricia Fortinsky, from Old Lyme, CT, was particularly sweet. It was in her booth that I bought a wooden button for my Vail Island Vest. I’ll add photos later today of all my goodies! And I wanted to buy some rather bulky yarn but didn’t get back … figure there’s always the Internet, right?

I also stopped to talk with Cindy (I hope I’m remembering her name correctly. I didn’t write it down) from One Lupine Fiber Arts in Bangor. I’ve been in the shop a year or two ago and fell in love with a painted window in the gift shop upstairs. If we ever renovate this house, I’d love to paint a window or two (or better yet, have them painted by someone who knows what they’re doing!) Anyway, I have to make a trip back because their yarns were lovely and the downstairs is now devoted to fiber. As am I.

Nice Bangs!

Nice Bangs!

I bought a few things … some goat’s milk soap for Mr. N. I hope it will help his psoriasis. Some Swans Island yarn (seconds!) from Warner Graphics from Camden, ME. and finally one of the wonderful Bolga Elephant Grass baskets that I have been coveting for years. Each year I’ve seen a basket that I liked and vowed that I would come back after it upon taking one “loop” around the Fiber Frolic. And each year, the basket was gone. This year, I bought my basket and toted it around! A little surprise was what I found at Maple Lane Pottery (which is also a working farm and B&B) … they had cute mugs and bowls and other stuff with cardinals, crows, porcupines (adorable!) and other Maine critters. But as I turned the corner there was a tiny flash of yellow … bees! I was so excited to buy myself a new piece of pottery!

New Pottery!

New Pottery!

We had the most delicious gyro … they brought an old-fashioned pot belly stove to cook on … and some sweet potato fries. The most difficult part of the day was trying to stay cool! It was another great event and a fun day! And I saved some of my yarn-buying for when my friends and family come to visit!

Gone knitting!

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