Always On My Mind … a gift for Rita

"Misty Garden" by Jo Sharp from the book Scarf Style

“Misty Garden” by Jo Sharp from the book Scarf Style

I have posted about my “new” big brother before in my blogging. The wonderful cousin who shared the fact of his existence is getter older and lives in New York City where it gets mighty cold. The last time we were in the city for my daughter’s engagement party, I saw a lady on the subway with a hat and scarf on and I thought about Rita.

Yesterday I cast on a project that will be a gift for Rita. A scarf and probably a hat, too. I am knitting the scarf from a beautiful  (Reynolds Odyssey 100% Merino Wool) yarn in shades of blue. I have four skeins (415+ yards) of this great yarn for the scarf. The hat will have to be in a coordinating yarn. Maybe I’ll make some gloves or mittens too. I just want her to know how much I love her.

The pattern that I am using is  from the book Scarf Style by Pam Allen. And is called “Misty Garden” by Jo Sharp. It was meant to be for a mohair blend yarn (thus the “misty” part) but my merino is knitting up really well … and the colors will compliment Rita’s blue eyes!

It’s a feather and fan pattern, basically and it’s easy to remember so I don’t have to carry the book with me. Makes my project much more portable! And I hope it will tell Rita just how special she is to our family and that she’s always in my thoughts.

Gone knitting!


I’ll have photos as this new project progresses.

For now, though, I’ve … gone knitting!

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