Is There Such a Thing as a Knitter’s Block?

I know that there’s supposed to be a writer’s block … I am afraid that I have a knitter’s block. I have been knitting little simple projects but my brain isn’t wrapping itself around the idea of one of the several sweaters that I know I have the yarn to knit.

I’ve marked a few patterns, I want to have the garments. So, what the heck’s going on?

Sometimes, one just has to take a few days “off” from the challenges of knitting, I guess. Life gets in the way of our art … work, family, and other things poke their heads in, demanding our immediate attention. My energy level at the end of the day is waning and I am simply tired. So, I’m going to take my own advice and be gentle with myself. Give myself the time to just be … and know that my knitting mojo will return.

For now, I’ll be satisfied with the granny squares and the dish cloths.

Gone (not) knitting!


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