1500 Miles and Cloudy … with a Chance of Enjoyment?

December 27, 2014 Belgrade, Maine

December 27, 2014
Belgrade, Maine

Thank God yesterday looked like this.

Today looks like this …

December 28, 2014 Belgrade, Maine

December 28, 2014
Belgrade, Maine

There is a trace of snow and the lake is only semi-frozen but it’s still my favorite place to be. We decided to eat out and to sleep in the bedroom since it’s not particularly cold this year. The baseboard electric antique heaters from the 50s are working enough to take the chill off the bedroom and the electric blanket was even too warm for N last night. We both turned it off after it warmed the sheets. Climbing into cold sheets in Maine in the winter when you live in Florida is sheer torture. The wood stove is keeping the house a toasty warm and we’ve managed to wash faces and brush teeth with water carried in and using a two-bucket method (one for fresh and one for dirty).

My least favorite part is this …

The dreaded outhouse … or "chick sales"

The dreaded outhouse … or “chick sales”

As a nod to my willingness to camp and use the outhouse for a couple of days, I got the sweetest gift at Christmas … a fleece toilet seat cover for the outhouse seat. While it may seem silly, it really does make it more bearable and it’s good to be home!

Gone knitting (or out to breakfast)!



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