Another Adventure Begins

For Sale!

For Sale!

Our house goes on the market tomorrow. We are following our hearts and moving to Maine.

It’s going to be an adventure for sure … since the existing house, in N’s family forever, is a 100 year old wooden structure not fit for year-round living. So, we’ll be salvaging wood floors, walls, old hand-blown windows, cabinets and doors to be put back into our new home. It’s bitter sweet tearing down a beloved structure but we’re trying to replicate the original house as much as possible … and making it modern so we can have water in the winter and we’ll be warm. And the house won’t be tipping into the lake!

We have the permissions from the town to build. The only other permit that has to be pulled will be with the environmental agency that protects our lake. Our design has been designed. Our builder has been chosen. We are ready to move all of our Florida stuff into a  moving truck/storage facility for a few months so we can build the new house.

So, the adventure officially begins tomorrow.

We’ve de-cluttered. We’ve de-personalized. We’ve cleaned and dusted. This evening we’ll bury Saint Joseph and ask him to help our home sell so we can start a new life in Maine in our new home. Maybe he’ll help us to sell the remaining furniture that we would rather not move, too!

It’s been nice living in Florida and we’re ready to start our new story. We’ll be blogging about it, of course! Not sure what the new blog will be called but we’re getting there! Now I need to find a job and start packing my yarn! That will be going in the car with my dogs and me! (Of course!)

Looking forward to this view .. all year long!

Looking forward to this view .. all year long!

Gone knitting!

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