Cheating on my Yarn Diet

I have been knitting from my rather sizable stash for several months now. I am on a self-imposed yarn diet. When I rearranged my yarn “collection” by weight, I realized that I have two full bins of sock yarn alone. Add the rest and I have 13 bins of yarn and several more  bags in my closet. That’s a lot of yarn!

So, logically, I went on a yarn diet and started knitting from my stash.

I’ve been doing really well until I saw the Buffalo Wool Company’s yarn of the month club.

3 months of buffalo wool!

3 months of buffalo wool!

For a mere $20-something monthly, I get a bit of Christmas and birthday every month for a year! And sometimes there’s a little goody that comes along with the yarn! I have loved my Built tablet case (and it happens to perfectly match my laptop case.

And then there was the Orange Blossom Yarn Crawl that happened here in Orlando earlier this month. I managed to pass up the custom colorway at two shops. I did buy a pair of needles with an orange on the top. But when we traveled down to Winter Haven and a visit to Four Purls, I couldn’t leave without the pattern and yarn for a really wonderful sweater! it’s called Frontenac by Julie Hoover. I loved it immediately! And the lovely Inca Tweed by Berroco was a perfect yarn for the project. I bought two shades similar to the sample in the shop – Playa (color 8901) a pale camel color and Noche (color 8934) a dark grey. The yarn is very soft and will be wonderfully warm! I’m going to need to have warm sweaters when we move to Maine. I will be freezing if I don’t. It was a necessary purchase! Really, it was!!!

The last nail in my yarn coffin was this morning when I saw that Jimmy Beans Wool had Meunch Touch Me yarn on sale! Half price! The last time I saw this yarn on sale I bought it, too.

Touch Me!

Touch Me!

I absolutely love my Vintage Velvet scarf and am looking forward to having another one in the color that I have had ONE ball of for years! I am going to add in the odd color as well … maybe on both ends? When they tell you to touch this yarn, they mean it. It is amazing! I am buying five balls in order to use the one that I had in my stash. That makes sense, right?

So, there you have it! I’ve cheated on my diet. But with the best reasons. 🙂

Gone knitting!


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