Wednesday Night Knitting

Last night was my first knitting night with some of my favorite ladies in Maine at the Yardgoods Center in Waterville. I’ve knitted with the Wednesday night group for several years (since 2007) and have enjoyed every one.

Last night was no exception!

There were some new ladies who joined this group since last summer ended for me. What I love most about knitting groups is that we all get along. While we may never be “besties”, we all enjoy a commonality that we can chat about and laugh about. The stories are not all about knitting. Last night Deb shared that she’d found a full set of false teeth when she was cleaning up her yard. We laughed about it and wondered whether beer was involved. How does someone lose their teeth? Even if they were lost in deep snow, wouldn’t you choose to look for them?

Frontenac (front)

Frontenac (front)

Frontenac (back)

Frontenac (back)









I’m nearly done with my Frontenac turtleneck tunic that I bought on the Yarn Crawl in Orlando. I’ve sewn in almost all the ends and have just the side seams left to go. I can’t wait to wear it! I can probably wear it to knitting next week! The yarn is so cozy and soft, I’ll bet this will be one of my favorite sweaters to wear.

I’ve been working on my two pairs of socks, too.

Graffiti Socks - two toes to go!

Graffiti Socks – two toes to go!

I frogged back the toe on the Graffiti socks because they were a tad too short. The yarn is hand-dyed and as such they’re not matchy-matchy at all. I still love them. This yarn is one that just makes me happy to look at. I need to get cracking and finish these so I can cast on a new pair (a birthday gift for a very special girl).

Patons Socks

Patons Socks



My Patons socks are coming along. I confess that I haven’t worked on these since we left Florida but I’ve finished the first sock and will get the second one rolling … I love the colorway of these socks. I can’t wait to wear them.

I’ll finish both pairs soon. I can wear them up here in Maine … socks are a necessity in late April! I sure wouldn’t have been wearing them in Florida right now!

Churchmouse Yarns Mohair Stripe Wrap

Churchmouse Yarns Mohair Stripe Wrap

I’ve worked a little bit on my mohair striped wrap and I’m going to love this next winter. Mohair by nature is a very light fiber but because it’s “fuzzy”, it’s also very warm. I know I will be living with this around my neck when it starts to get cold in the fall. I’m about half to two-thirds along on this. I have the better part of two and a half skeins of the yarn left. It’s such a simple knit project and it’s a good one to take to knitting group because I can chat and knit at the same time.

Next up is another sweater … a cardigan, I think. I have the most lovely yarn from the Fiber Frolic here in Maine about two years ago. I had it all knitted up and the sleeves didn’t fit in the arm holes. I frogged it … that’s what happens when you use a free pattern sometimes. Makes spending money to buy a pattern worthwhile when you have to frog a whole sweater. Typically, purchasing patterns means that they’ve been test-knitted and checked for accuracy! Also, I will be knitting some wonderful peds (short socks) for a special girl’s birthday in June. I have a beautiful blue yarn to knit a dress/tunic with also. I’m eager to knit up some wonderful garments to keep me warm in the fall! I gave away most of my sweaters when I moved to Florida!

Gone knitting!


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