Sleepless in Belgrade

What do you do when you can’t sleep?

I was lying awake in bed listening to my little dog snoring, the other little dog dreaming and the breathing of my partner in life. Lying one way the moon was shining into our bedroom window, too bright. Roll over again. Listen to the train coming up the tracks from Augusta … with no horns blowing at the crossings.

And then my brain starts working and I know it’s best if I get up and have a cup of tea and write a little something about my day.

My demo was kind of a bust … not only was it my first year but it seems that a knitting demonstration is not what the people wanted. Acknowledging that I was responsible for not having anything pretty to look at, nor a table on which to display said pretty things, all of which I could improve on for next year if they ask me to return. However, the two ladies with whom I shared space in the garage were wonderful to chat with and they were busy, busy, busy!

gnomeOne of them, Jessie (Jessica) has published a book called The Gnome Project: One Woman’s Wild and Wooly Adventure. She had a couple of her tapestries that she’s felted and a tree (made by her mother) displaying a few of her gnomes. In a very short time, Jessica had made her gnome of the day and fair-goers were enthralled. I considered buying her book but decided that I wasn’t interested in yet another addiction and passed. But having arrived home and done my research, if Jessie’s there tomorrow, I’ll buy her book (or on Amazon, if she’s not there.)

I wandered the Frolic after my “shift” and was pleased to see lots of people out and about and there were some new vendors this year … and some old ones that I missed seeing. I’ve been thinking about what it is that I’d like to buy this year and I think it will be a knitting basket and perhaps some of the huge “wool” to knit with my blue Loopy Mango yarn from my friend Anne at the Black Sheep in Orlando.

I’ll take pictures tomorrow. Right now I think I have to go back to bed.

Gone knitting … not really, I’m hoping to sleep!


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