Ravellenics – Team WIP

Ravelry has a “competition” of Olympic proportions. Each time the Olympics happen, knitters, crocheters and spinners … well, fiber people … enter a competition of sorts.

The first time I entered the then Ravelympics I fell on my needles and was quickly out of the competition. I had chosen a project that was way out of my ability level. I tried to start a lace scarf several times and failed at the cast on.

This year, I have decided to be part of team WIP. What this means is that I am going to attempt to complete several of my WIPs that have been languishing in my knitting bag (and I’ve been carrying them with me to my LYS when I teach so my back will appreciate them being finished, too!)

IMG_7129I finished the first project today, a lace beret for a customer at my LYS. The pattern is Rustling Leaves by Coastal Knits. It was a quick knit and I enjoyed it. I love lace knitting today; especially when it is blocked and it opens up so that you can see the pattern blossom. My customer chose a navy blue Cascade Heritage Sock yarn. As with all dark colors, it’s difficult to see your stitches but the yarn is so soft it’s a pleasure to knit with.

IMG_0276Next up is my second Pencil Sock. I finished the first one a while ago and I’m not sure why I haven’t finished it’s sibling. But I haven’t. So, this is on the list to be finished.

IMG_6820Another WIP is the snowflake mittens that I am making for my friend for Christmas. It’s her birthday this month and if I could get them finished before I see her, they could be for her birthday – and then she’ll be able to wear them when the weather gets cooler.

I also have my Aran Cardigan to finish. All of the pieces are complete and ready to be seamed, it’s just been too hot to sit under a wool sweater – or the parts of said sweater! This one I am willing to not complete if the weather is too warm. I am not going to suffer and I don’t do heat well.

I have a linen t-shirt that needs to be finished too. It will either be finished or frogged. I can’t decide if I like the sweater and I’ve not gotten far enough to be sure one way or the other. So, I may end up frogging this one – that will finish it!

I’ll let you know how I do!

Gone knitting.

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