Time Flies! January Update

Wow! How did it get to be January 26th!?

I always thought that once my children didn’t live in my house that life would slow down. Laundry would be less, the house would be clean … yeah, no! That’s not the case. I can’t imagine how people have any time to be bored!

I’ve been a busy little (Queen) bee for the last 25 days. I’ve been working and having a great time at work. I am so privileged to work with talented, kind people and we have the most wonderful customers! I am starting to get to know their names and I love helping them to figure out their challenges and find the right yarn and needles for their projects!

I’ve signed up for a quilting class. The goal is to finish some of the multitude of projects that I have stacked up in plastic bins in my studio. Many of which have been started and many of which have not been started but they all need to be finished! I have at least nine! NINE! One quilt top is complete and ready to go to the long arm quilter. I hope to get that finished in February.

My knitting projects have been wrapping up slowly but surely. I’ve finished a couple of pairs of snowflake mittens. Sent one pair to my former neighbor from across the street, one pair is a Christmas gift that hasn’t been delivered yet. The third pair is for a commission for a friend. I have one mitten left that needs a pair but it’s sitting for the moment as I get some other projects finished.


I promise the fuscia mittens are finished. I just haven’t photographed them yet!

I’ve knitted a fingerless mitt (no need for a pair) for a store sample. It’s a new yarn for our shop and I really enjoyed the yarn.


I’ve knitted a pair of socks for my wonderful husband out of another new yarn. This is a worsted weight sock yarn (sock yarn MUST have nylon!) from Opal. It’s wonderful! He loves them.


I also knitted a pink pussy hat for the Women’s March on Augusta (Maine) for myself. I knitted mine out of Malabrigo Rios worsted. I was proud to wear my cat ears at a very peaceful and uplifting event. Since I hate myself in hats, I’ll be sending my hat to New York City and my future son-in-love. He said he’d like to wear it and I’ll be thrilled to send it his way! He’ll look so much better wearing it than I did.


Gone knitting!


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