A BIG wind came through Maine and New England last weekend. Some places reported 75 mph wind gusts. We didn’t have nearly that type of wind but we did experience 20+ mph sustained winds from directly across the lake. Wind and rain belted our house!

If you haven’t heard, there were half a million homes in Maine without power following the storm. Ours was one of them. Thankfully, we have a generator that we can pull out of the garage and plug into the house. And, thankfully, we needed to take my little dog to my brother in Massachusetts to have his teeth cleaned … so we missed two and a half days of being without power.  Thankfully, it hasn’t been cold for all those in the state who don’t have generators! Thankfully, most of the state has been restored. We are still powerless.

This afternoon, our internet came back on. Yippee! This is progress. My darling husband has gone out for more gasoline for the generator. Central Maine Power had said that we’d have power restored last night by 10pm. They’re now saying 8pm tonight. I’m hoping they’re right! We’ve been lucky and I’m so grateful that I have had water, television and lights.

And I have yarn! Gone knitting!


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