Ma Belle Amie

I’ve finished one project and made progress on a different project today.

In our house, Sunday is almost always a day to “do nothing”. I worked an extra day this week and I was pretty pooped. So I spend a good part of the day in my studio. I’m still cleaning up and reorganizing while I wait for my new cabinets to be finished.

I worked on my Stephen West Starflake KAL for quite a long while. Finally, I’ve finished the second section. I chose to do the two-color Brioche. And I only just discovered that my stitch count is right but two sections are off. Each by two stitches. But I’m moving forward regardless.

Stephen West’s Starflake KAL in Emma’s Yarn

I can see, upon close inspection, exactly where I neglected to decrease in one section. And I can see the forgotten increase at one end, too. I don’t think it’s obvious enough to worry about it. I’m not sure if “fixing it by adding an extra decrease and increase in the next round. So … I’ll go ahead. After placing a safety line.

Christmas Version of Ma Belle Amie
Free pattern on Ravelry

My cowl, Ma Belle Amie, is being blocked. I knit it I’m super squishy Jojoland Baritone. It’s a DK weight superwash wool. I’d say it’s close to a light Worsted it’s so squishy. Ma Belle Amie is a simple striped cowl in four colors. Mine is in Christmas colors and I’m looking forward to wearing it. Carrying the yarns up the side saves you from weaving in a million ends. Some of my Friday knitters have begun knitting this cowl in the round so it’s extra warm. (I’m warm enough most of the time!)

I tend to wet block all of my hand knits. Wet blocking means soaking in water with a gentle wool wash for 20 minutes and then gently squeezing out the excess water. I lift the garment into a towel and wrap it up to squeeze out lots more water. (I walk on it!) The garment is then spread out on a second dry towel under my guest room ceiling fan to dry.

In a couple of days, both Evelyn’s pullover and my cowl should be dry.

Progress! On to the next.

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