About Yesterday

View from my bedroom window

Yesterday was a difficult day in corona virus isolation. I wasn’t in a good head space and I was really struggling with anxiety. Because of my chronic cough/allergies and my age, I’m in a higher risk group of (crap!) older people. I woke up yesterday morning feeling a little bit off … and I couldn’t pick myself up all darn day. And it was a beautiful day, too!

We started the day with accidents in the house. Two little dogs both getting old and they’re having some health challenges right now. Both of them together. So, we started the morning cleaning up after little white dogs. The rest of the day, I spent trying to focus on anything other than worry …

But you’re not reading this blog to (necessarily) hear all about my ‘crazy’ days. I have been able to knit some more of the Arne and Carlos blocks for their Quarantine KAL. If you’re not following this KAL, they were on a cruise away from home and were ordered to quarantine for 14 days after their arrival back. While in quarantine, they decided to do a KAL. I’ve really enjoyed it. I haven’t been able to watch all the videos yet but I have gotten many of the blocks finished. There have been ten designed for the first two weeks and there will be ten more coming … they’ve decided to do an additional two weeks because we’re all enjoying it so much!

I also started on the socks for my neighbor’s birthday. She was kind enough to trace her foot so they’ll be a perfect fit! I got one finished yesterday and I started the second one today after I did some baking. I made my hubby’s favorite scones. He’s been asking for them forever! It’s only fair since he went to take my car to get the snow tires taken off and took some mail to the post office for me. We freeze the scones so he can have one a day!

By the end of the day I was feeling better and went to bed early … today is a new day!

Gone knitting!

4 thoughts on “About Yesterday

  1. You can call or text me any time if you need to talk. We’re all in this together, as they say.
    What yarn are you using for the Arne and Carlos blocks? Love the sheen!


    • Deb, thanks! I’m so grateful for that husband of mine! Yarn is a Jaggerspun yarn, Greenline. White is a Cascade Heritage 150. Whitenis a bit lighter weight but it works. The Jaggerspun is lovely to work with.


  2. I will always show up to support you through the crazy days. That is what I love about this community.
    The blocks are gorgeous. I don’t know which color combination I like best. Which one is your favorite so far?


    • Thank you. I agree, this community is incredible. It’s always so “odd” to have a “stranger” reach out with so much love and caring. But I’ve learned that knitters are a special group!!! The blocks I like best are the ones that knit in their own ends! 🙂 I am trying to balance the colors so I like the “hug me later” block a lot and the sunflower…

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