Are you KIDDING me???

We have a “critter” in our yard. A groundhog. It’s been here for a couple of years. We’ve been tolerant … to a point. BUT today I went out to inspect the garden when I was looking for a photograph for my Facebook page and I saw this …

My flowers are JUST starting to grow and they’re chewed down to nubs. The little (not so little in actuality) is getting right over by the house and eating all my tender green perennials! Grrr! This makes me very angry. I have no problem with the critter eating all of the dandelion greens it wants (and there are a lot of them out there in the grass but NOT my garden plants!

And to add insult to injury … this is what I found INSIDE MY SHIRT when I got back inside …

Little F#%$er!

The ticks are out there. I didn’t even touch any plants!

I have an intarsia class to plan … I’ll be itchy for the rest of the day!

Gone knitting.

3 thoughts on “Are you KIDDING me???

  1. Poor plants!!! Poor you!

    I’d check Gardener’s Supply (Vermont) and internet for natural deterrents.

    Cedarside, pure, natural cedar oil, guaranteed to stop ticks in their tracks. I bought the bottle with the hose hook-up and created a huge safe zone after taking at least 30 (I stopped was so awful) ticks off me everywhere!!! Ticks HATE cedar oil… I couldn’t afford to treat all 2 acres…it is expensive but the hose bottle was worth every nickel!!!!! And it lasted the season. Being oil, it doesn’t wash out with rain. Safe for plants, kids, and pets!!



  2. I ordered cedarside and it’s on the way! I’m going to try epsom salts for the critter. Good grief! I had a tick on my knee in the living room this morning … I hadn’t even stepped foot outside (or had my first cup of coffee!)


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