Another Excellent Adventure

Coffee on the porch before leaving home

I left the lake last weekend to go on another excellent adventure. I didn’t knit much all weekend but I drove a lot and I took a lot of knitted gifts!

I headed off on Saturday morning at 8:30am to New York City.

It took me eight hours for what should have been about six and a half. Summer traffic and the end of the month rental switch causes traffic and it didn’t disappoint. I listened to a lot of knitting podcasts and kept moving forward, at times very slowly but I made it – all by myself – into the big city. I knew I had arrived when I saw a couple of guys nabbed by the police getting off the highway in Washington Heights. LOL.

Saturday night I stayed with my son and his girlfriend and their two dogs. They have a small but comfortable apartment and it’s wonderful to be invited and wanted. They had just been up in Maine for a birthday visit and I’d just said goodbye to them on Friday. It’s nice to visit on their turf, too. We had dinner “en famille” at my eldest daughter’s courtyard – lobster rolls (with lobster that I brought from Maine) – to celebrate her birthday at her request. As usual, I neglected to take any photos. Having all three of my kids and their significant others together in one place is the best for this mama’s soul.

My Son-in-Love, Tom, is the life of the party!

Sunday morning was the baby shower and the main reason for my trip. I slept until 8:30am which is astounding for me any day but even more so considering I was in New York City. Typically the street noise wakes me up early. Not this time. The baby shower was also at my eldest daughter’s courtyard and it was a really great place for a summer baby shower. We played a couple of games, ate some yummy food and celebrated the arrival of a new, special baby girl. We are all looking forward to meeting her. I took a few (lousy) photos … the one of my son-in-law above is the best one. LOL.

Post shower, I was off to Westport, CT for the night with my college roommate and then home on Monday with one stop in Marlborough, CT to see my very first friend and her new Great Dane puppy. Look at her feet!!!

Esme – 10 weeks and 20 pounds

Even with a three-hour stop it only took me nine and a half hours to get home. Yup, six and a half hours of driving. Not eight. It was a super quick trip but full of family and friends that filled my heart.

I took a carload of knitted gifts with me and I’ll share them in another post. Tonight I’m too tired but tomorrow is another day. I’m on a stay-cation this week and am trying to get all my ducks in a row. Too bad they’re all refusing to line up and tomorrow’s Thursday already. Geesh.

Gone knitting.

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