Mixed Bag of Mending Results

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Today I decided to change my perspective and I took my photo from the yard. I also decided that it was the day to work down the mending pile in my studio … with mixed results.

I found that one of my pairs of jeans had a spot by the belt loop in the back that needed fixing, and that’s what started the whole thing. I didn’t want the jeans to get worse. That was the easy part. I found a bit of denim to reinforce the fabric that is worn and torn and then I zigzagged the heck out of the “hole”.

It ain’t pretty but it’s fixed and the jeans won’t get worse … they’re my favorites! So, down the mending path I went with mixed success. I pulled out my Katrinkles darning loom to repair one of my favorite linen blouses (does anyone call them blouses any more?) I tried a couple of mends and didn’t like them. Ultimately, I was just about to fasten off the threads and the shirt ripped even more! It’s a HUGE tear now. Ugh. This shirt will now be a “garden” shirt. I will have to sew an oversized patch over it. Maybe with a little bit of interfacing to help. To be decided.

My favorite pink linen has a green linen sister and it also has a little hole on the sleeve … to stitch a patch or sew a patch … or to retire both and use them for gardening shirts? For now, I’ve folded them up and returned them to my ottoman for further consideration.

And now I’m going to attempt to mend the cardigan that I have. I haven’t worn it all winter because it’s been in the ottoman pile … and it’s another favorite. Why do all the favorites get holes? I’ll be looking for some lace or fingering weight light gray yarn to repair it with and this one I’m going to do today so I can wear it to work tomorrow. I need to end the day on a high note.

Gone knitting.

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