Didn’t Knit. Not a stitch!

Yesterday I didn’t knit a stitch. Not one. WTF?

Didn’t knit it yesterday …. but I love the fabric of this yarn!                                                          Malabrigo Rasta in Archangel Colorway

I’m not sure what happened yesterday that allowed that to happen, but it did. Sadly, it did. Hurricane Isaac was blowing through (weakly) and we went for a walk. I spent several hours working on my new shop, I went to the grocery store and to return some stuff that I bought and didn’t need to finish my Rasta Basket. I made dinner. No construction happened (Thanks, Isaac!). Hunh. Not sure where the day went but I know I wasn’t knitting.

Rasta Basket – Finished!

Rasta Basket – inside (not a lot of contrast in the lining but it’s OK!)

Gone knitting! (No, really! I am going to knit! Now!)

I win!

The first attempt was a flop. But the second attempt at the Gaia Shoulder Hug was a success! I did it! It’s finished! Yay, me!

Gaia Shoulder Hug (FREE Ravelry download)

And I like it … more or less. I’m not totally loving the Noro Kureyon Sock (which is now discontinued in the United States) colorway that I chose, but I think it will be a pretty piece to wear in the winter with a shirt.

I’m pleased that it’s finished and pleased with it – that’s what matters most.

Gone knitting!


More Photos of my Nuno Scarf … All Done!

Finished Product - I love it!

Felted and Fringed ... had to try both!


A Cluster or two of Flowers


My Wavy Little Bee


Around my Neck!

Finished! Yay!

This summer I’m going to take supplies up to our house in Maine and make a few more of these lovelies … maybe with my girls or my sisters-in-law … only time will tell. But I know I have found a new “addiction”! (Thanks, Terri!)

Gone knitting!