On Summer


The first thing I think about when I think about summer is fireflies (second only to honeysuckle and other flowers and the call of loons and swimming and …)

I remember collecting them when I was a child and then passing on my love of these brilliant bugs to my children. We’d get a great big glass or plastic jar and punch lots of holes in the lid for air. They’d fill the bottom with grass and sticks and leaves and then the fun really begins – collecting the bugs and watching them light up. Running around outside in the dark (without the fear of stepping in dog poop) and the squeals of glee when, “I caught one!” was called. It was always such fun to watch their little faces peering into their jar watching the bugs light. They (and we) would have been outside all night – or at least until all the bugs were caught or asleep!

When I was a kid, I always wanted to take them to my room and keep them for a night light … and in the morning they were all dead (or nearly dead) and I’d release them anyway. (Because we all know that miracles happen.) I don’t remember my kids taking them inside to die. I think we were more concerned with teaching them to respect all living things and that the reality is that they’ll die in captivity. Real world, heartbreaking reality. But it helped my kids turn into compassionate human beings.

Lightning bugs still are harbingers of summer in my mind and there’s nothing better than a lovely summer night when the fireflies are out and I remember the wonderful days when my children were little and passing on the traditions of collecting fireflies. Gotta love summer!!!

Loom Dude's Knitted Firefly

Here’s a compatriot’s pattern for knitting fireflies! What a wonderful idea, Loom Dude! Click HERE to flit over to the Loom Dude’s blog to collect the pattern!

Enjoy what’s left of your summer!

Gone knitting!