CYC Certified Knitting Teacher

I passed my second level of knitting certification and will soon have my certificate and pin to prove that I am a certified knitting teacher! A step up from Certified Knitting Instructor! Yay, me!

It’s amazing to think about spending an hour on the phone talking about knitting and designing knitwear with a stranger, but that’s what the process was. My master teacher, Edie Eckman, received my packet of materials (close to the end of the time frame that I had to complete the work) and reviewed it and we had a lovely chat about my work.

I had not tried several of the techniques that I had to knit swatches for – but I feel as though I am at a place in my knitting career where I am rather fearless and can try anything. Most everything I try, I can do. And I can do it well enough to teach it to someone else. Whether or not I will choose to do a lot of knitting (intarsia and mosaic and fair isle) in some of these styles (?) remains to be seen. But I feel comfortable enough with them.

I would, come to think of it, like to make a pair of fair isle mittens or a hat … some garment to use this technique as I think it’s remarkably pretty. I have a sweater pattern to make for my niece that will give me a chance to try it, too.

So, the Certified Knitting Instructor has grown into the Certified Knitting Teacher … now I have to decide whether to attempt the next level or if I’ll do the Knitting Guild’s Master Knitting. I need to keep learning and stretching in order to grow in my craft. It’s wonderful to that I have choices to invest in for myself.

Gone knitting!

Soon to be Certified Teacher!

Soon to be Certified Teacher!

Certification Interview Butterflies

Queen Bee Knits Original Design - Baby Sweater

Queen Bee Knits Original Design – Baby Sweater – for CYC Certification

I’m awaiting the phone call from my CYC (Craft Yarn Council) Master Teacher who has received all of my Level 2 Knitting Certification materials! I’m a little bit nervous and anticipating that I did well because I’m a good knitter. I’m a good knitting instructor, too. I know this but I am also human and, as such, I have that tiny kernel of doubt or the concern that I made a mistake.

When we put ourselves out there to be critiqued by another person, it’s humbling. It makes us feel, in the process of having our work judged, a little bit judged ourselves. But having put the effort into the work and knowing that I can do it all, I am eager, too, to grow from the experience.

But I do have butterflies in my stomach!

Gulf Fritillary ... Mating Season

Gulf Fritillary …
Mating Season


Which reminds me of this photograph that I took at school this week.

We have a butterfly garden in the center of the campus. Our class has watched the eggs on the leaves, hatching into baby caterpillars and then growing into big fat caterpillars and then forming the “J” of the chrysalis. There are butterflies in the garden now and these two are mating. They are a beautiful bright orange butterfly when in flight but when sitting on a branch, they are nearly invisible with their coloring.

Gotta love Mother Nature!

Gone knitting!

PS – I passed my level 2 certification this afternoon. Yay, me! What a fun conversation with my master teacher!