Selling Hand-Knits – Sale!

I have an online shops (or two) and I have an inventory of knitted items that are all done and ready to go to their new forever homes. They are currently listed in two online shops (some may not be listed yet. I really have to check my storage box!)

When I price items that I’ve knit, I (obviously) have to recover the price of the yarn and other direct costs that I incur. It’s always nice, after that is taken care of, to make a little bit of money for my time. I never “really” get paid for my time. Nobody could afford to buy a garment that would accurately reflect the time that is lovingly given as I make each of the garments that I sell. Sometimes, I make a couple of bucks. It’s all good.

So, for the big holiday week, I am offering all of the already knitted items that I have in my storage container inventory at 25% off! That’s right … basically, I’m getting my money back for the supplies … the money that I’ve already shelled out … and you’re getting some great hand-knitted by the Queen Bee garments. And, considering the crazy weather we’ve been having, you may be able to wear it now!

You can click here to be magically transported to my 3 B Street shop! Use coupon code “FRIEND” and you’ll get 25% off anything purchased between today and Thursday!

Thanks for shopping & reading and Happy Passover & Easter!

Gone knitting!