Putting it “Out There”

Last year, for the first time, I joined my knitting guild group and entered a couple of items in our Central Florida Fair. I was (super) nervous about putting my work “out there”! But the rewards were great – not only did my work receive recognition, but I felt so good doing it.

This year, I’ve decided to enter a few items again. I can always change my mind but I think it’s healthy to submit my work asking for criticism and showing people the work that I am so proud to do. So, what did I submit?

The rules state that all items have to be completed during the calendar year between fairs. I have chosen the “mini-me” leg warmers that I knitted copying the adult-size ones that I made for my daughter for Christmas. My first efforts at Fair Isle knitting (and I, honestly, forgot to watch the joins which are not joggless so we’ll see how that goes.) I may even re-knit them. Time permitting.

"mini me" infant leg warmers - original Fair Isle pattern

“mini me” infant leg warmers – original Fair Isle pattern

I also entered a little light green seed stitch dog coat that I designed for my little dogs. Last year I submitted my first original dog design for my Prima Dogma line. This is number two. I like the color and the edge which is a simple single crochet in a black & white wool which contrasts really nicely with the light green. It was a quick knit … I really need to write down the pattern and post it! I need to find a way to display it … stuffed dog or something!

The last three items are still on my needles.

My Vintage Velvet scarf with its wonderful reversible cables is one. Second is the little hat that I started knitting yesterday and will finish today, Downton. It’s a free pattern on Ravelry. Check it out! Third is the fingerless mitts that I will finish (I hope) in time to submit that I am knitting along with the Jimmy Beans Wool Downton Abbey KAL “Lady Violet’s Dinner Gauntlets”. Despite the fact that I am not totally in love with the colorway, I like the project. (And it’s my first ever KAL!) Both the scarf and gauntlets can be seen in my previous post, Queen Bee WIP here.

I will report on the final decisions of what I will submit (the deadline is still distant enough to add a project or two if I decide to do so) or that I may decide to withdraw. It’s a woman’s perrogative to change her mind, after all!

Gone knitting!

Another Knitting Post? Reversible Cables Baby Blanket

Just to shock the hell out of you, here’s another post on knitting.

Cables are really not a difficult stitch. They may look intimidating but they’re really not difficult. There are only two stitches in knitting: knit and purl. (And dropped or added which are not official stitches and they’re not welcome in my knitting.)

Reversible Cables Pacific Heights Organic Baby Blanket

This blanket is a pattern that I found on Ravelry. I liked it for its simplicity and its cables! I love cables (must be my Irish heritage!) Blankets for babies should be washable and dry able because they’re going to be washed and dried a lot – and they’re meant to be used! This one is white … inconsistent with the mess that babies make but totally in line with their innocence. I love white baby blankets.

The yarn that I chose for this is “cheap-o” yarn from JoAnn Fabrics – Sensations Rainbow Classic. Described as “a classic brushed yarn, it’s a big ball and it should be enough for the whole blanket. (I hope!) it’s really soft and a little bit fuzzy like a mohair yarn (but acrylic). It’s a bulkier weight than the pattern called for so I’ve changed the number of stitches that I cast on and we’ll see how it goes. I also decided to use a larger needle and pulled out my Denises … in a size U.S. 11.

The pattern is called Pacific Heights Organic Baby Blanket created by Patty Thomas. It’s a simple pattern with Garter stitch with a lovely bunch of cables in the center. They are reversible cables which means that you can turn the blanket over and the cables look good on both sides. Very clever! And I really love that when I forgot the pattern when I went  into work the other day, that the repeat is simple enough that I could remember it! Yay!

I’m knitting this blanket for my sister Annie to give to a friend who is having a baby this summer. She’s actually asked for three blankets. Yikes! I’d best get busy …

Gone knitting!