A Safe Place for All People

An Inclusive, Accepting, Safe Place for all People

The community of makers: knitters, crocheters, stitchers of all kinds has been having a discussion around racism and inclusiveness in our community and the broader communities we all live in, in our country, in the world.

When my children were little, I volunteered to run a program in the elementary school called “Everybody Counts.” It was to teach young children what it is like to live with physical challenges. As part of the program, the children wore socks on their hands, walked blindfolded with a cane, wore eyeglasses covered with scotch tape, and more. The idea being that if they experienced what it felt like to live with these challenges then they would be compassionate and accepting of others who are “differently abled.” Who are different.

I wish that we, as adults. could all spend some time in the shoes /lives of others; those with different skin colors, those who live in different countries, who are a different gender, religion. To better understand their experiences. I have friends who are white and have children who are black. I know their experience of having sons is different from my experience. I never thought that my son’s life would be in danger if he was stopped for a minor traffic infraction. My friends do. This is not acceptable. My daughters aren’t (to the best of my knowledge) followed by clerks in stores. My friend’s daughter is. This is not acceptable. These are only two experiences that I know about. I’m sure there are many, many more.

I can’t step into your lives, your shoes, your bodies but I want you to know that I am listening to the stories on Instagram and elsewhere by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) and I will continue to listen and to do my own work. I can do better. My goal is to make my little world here on the internet and in my classes, safe and accessible for all people. ALL people.

I see you, I hear you. I am listening. Thank you for your stories.

(Any negative comments will be deleted. If there is to be a discussion, keep it positive and civil. Thank you.)

Home Safe Home – On Being Grateful

Safe at Home

Safe at Home

Last night one of my neighbors’ homes (only two houses away from our home) was struck by lightning and caught fire. It made for an “exciting” few minutes as I smelled smoke in our own house and after sniffing around (really, I did sniff around) realized that it was coming from down the street. N went out to help find their dog who is blind and was terrified by the storm and the emergency response vehicles.

They say that lightning doesn’t strike twice … but tonight’s storm just missed the house that was hit a few years ago (and just happens to stand between ours and the one hit last night.) Too close for comfort, in my opinion.

While I may not be knitting a whole bunch, I am living a busy and full life. My children and siblings and all their families are healthy. Our home is safe and dry. We have so much to be thankful for.

Life is good.

Gone knitting.