Knitting my Fingers Off!

Boxy Cardigan in Process

I’ve had another order for a top down sweater for a baby due this fall. So, in order to get myself moving, I am working to get at least one of my sweater projects finished. It seems that my work is paying off as the back and most of the front of my Boxy Cardigan are nearly finished. I love (LOVE!) the yarn from Seacolors!  The green mottled yarn that is the bottom of the body of the sweater (topped with the salmon color) is even better when it’s knit up. There are splashes of the salmon in the green and it pops! The construction of the sweater is exactly as the title says, boxy. It’s color blocked and I am excited to get to the sleeves where the blue will be added. Just have to decide if I do two sleeves that are the same or whether I slightly alter one (I think I’m leaning to that side … at least for today!)

I haven’t spent a ton of time in the last few days knitting. I’ve been trying to get caught up and settled again into life in Florida – errands, phone calls, orders for tea and vitamins and supplements. With our construction or de-struction about to begin (long story, we have an outside wall that wasn’t built to code and needs to be … even if it wasn’t built by us) it’s likely that I will be needing to hide in my atelier with my little dogs and expect to get a lot of knitting completed.

I have a line-up of projects to knit already in the queue!

Gone knitting!

Maine Fiber Frolic 2012

It’s pouring and the brave souls who have fiber for sale in tents today … well, suffice it to say, I’m darned glad I went yesterday morning!

I was so engrossed with fibers and chatting with people (mostly vendors this year) that I neglected to take more than one photograph … silly me! Here is the one picture that I did take.

Beautiful critters!

I did happen to make a dent in my yarn budget, too. (The one that doesn’t exist!) Remember my former post where I said that I had brought up enough yarn from my stash in Florida (and patterns, too) to knit for the whole summer? I had promised myself that I wasn’t going to buy a lot of new yarn this summer. Fortunately it was a promise to myself and I’ve blown it!

I’m really excited about my purchases, though! I bought a couple of hanks of “Maine Lobstah” superwash sock yarn. (Clever Maine marketing!) I loved the color way and I have been wanting another sock project … now I have several! This yarn is super soft and I really hope it knits up as nicely as I think it will. Check out Maine Woods Yarn‘s Website!

Maine Woods Yarn & Fiber - Maine "Lobstah" superwash sock

I also splurged on six hanks of Seacolors yarns. These yarns are solar hand-dyed in seawater and it’s a pretty clean and cyclical process. They also happen to come from Washington, Maine where I went to summer camp (many moons ago). So check out Nanne’s site and see what a wonderful business and life she has created in Maine. And if you fall in love with her farm, you can even buy a “share” and spend a week (or more) there each year with Nanne and her precious pups.

I bought three colors: a salmon-y color, a green/salmon-y variegated and a blue. With my purchase I got a free pattern for a “Boxy Cardigan” which I plan to knit up. It will be salmon with some thin blue stripes and then variegated at the bottom. Sleeves will be as long as they decide to be but also likely in the salmon with blue stripes. This one will be unique and special. I just wish I had my winder and swift with me this summer!

Seacolors Yarn

We have the wood stove cranking today and it’s pouring and gray outside. It’s truly a stark difference (even) from yesterday. I’m so glad I chose to go to the Fiber Frolic yesterday … I was a happy camper!

I’m already looking forward to next year!

Gone knitting!