Crafting My Creative Space

In our new house, I knew that I needed some additional space to add the sewing machine, a cutting table and an ironing board for my new quilting “addiction”. My atelier in Florida was a 10 x10-foot bedroom and I was quite content with the way the space worked for me. BUT I didn’t sew there! Adding a quilting space was key to my creative space.

I have to be honest because that’s who I am … I hated the new space at first. I was unsettled and couldn’t figure out how to make it work. I should have known that it would take some time to get settled but I was impatient (and downright grumpy) about it.

And then today the lightbulb moment struck. I knew what I needed to do to make the space mine.

Yes, all the bins are full of yarn!

Yes, all the bins are full of yarn!

I unloaded the wonderful IKEA storage shelf of all the yarn and knitting books and we moved it to the other side of my atelier. And then I loaded it all up again. Now the knitting space is all in the front (lake side) of the house.

My desk is a slab of Maine wood!

My desk is a slab of Maine wood from Mr. Woodchuck!

And this afternoon, N. and his wonderful saw cut a few inches off my desk so that it fits in the little “alcove” where a bed would go if it were, indeed, a bedroom.

Quilting Corner

Quilting Corner

This leaves space in front of the window and along the back (driveway side) of the house for my sewing table and cutting table. The ironing board is in front of the window … gone are the days when I have to walk 30 miles to make eight quilt squares! Now all of my sewing stuff is in the back room and I am a happy Queen Bee.

It feels good to have my knitting and sewing space shape up and this house is feeling more like home every day. I know we’re going to have a long, happy, healthy, full life in this house.

Next I will add some window treatments and shelves on the wall over my desk.

Gone knitting.