Yarn Harlot

Reading the blog today by the Yarn Harlot, Stephanie Pearl McFee, made me laugh my head off. She blogged about having to make a new hat because the old one made her head look like a penis. What a riot! It made me laugh because I, too, have a penis story …

When my eldest daughter was car-seat age or a little bit older, she was very inquisitive and extraordinarily verbal. On a regular basis, she asked questions repeatedly and made comments from the back of the car that we still tell stories about. (“Where is that darned McDonalds? Oh, dis makes me soooo angry”)

Anyway, on one particular day, she may have been in pre-school or maybe even up to first grade. I may have had a baby boy by then. (Can you tell that my memory for when things happen isn’t so good?)  But I had to run into CVS to find something and when she asked what I was looking for I replied, “penis lights. A string of penis lights”. Ha! Go figure … why I came up with that response, other than that I knew she wouldn’t ask about it any further because body parts were simply “gross”, I have no idea. But it still tickles my funny bone.

And, Stephanie, your new hat is lovely!

Woo-hoo!!! Queen Bee Knits is born.

It’s partly a dream come true and partly a necessity. I’ve been an unemployed fiber artist for over a year now. Sunny Florida just isn’t shelling out the wonderful career moves that I’m looking for. I’ve been a knitter for more than 20 years. I was knitting for my children when they were little and I’m still knitting for them now that they’re big. I’ve made a million and one gifts for babies, family members, graduating high school seniors (remind me to tell you about that one at another time!) and friends of my kids. Why not put some things that I’ve made up on the Internet and offer them for sale to others?

And why Queen Bee Knits? I am a true Queen Bee. It all began when a group of PTA moms (I was one of them) decided to build a new playground for the kids at Blue Ash Elementary School in Blue Ash, Ohio. We had a great group of caring mothers and fathers and a crummy old playground that we had inherited. We worked with the cities, parent groups, school district administration and staff and had designed a beautiful playground for the kids. After a “heated” meeting with the large group one of the school officials was overheard saying, “Now I know why there’s a “B” in Blue Ash.” From that day forth, all the moms celebrated being “Bees” and the PTA presidents (of which I was one) were the Queen Bees!

I have the most wonderful bee collection. One day I’ll take some photographs so you can see them. I’ve gotten picky in my “old age” because now I have so many and there’s nowhere to display them all. But I do love them and occasionally will still buy one or more. 😉

So, this blog is intended to tell you about my knitting. I love my craft and I will offer you tips (as I learn them) and show you my works in progress. Like all good knitters, I always have several UFOs that I can pull out of the old knitting bag depending on the time and situation … there is no good pattern to follow after a couple of martinis!

If I’m in a social setting like a knitting group, I have to bring a simple project so I don’t have to count every stitch. Socks are a marvelous simple project. My very most favorite sock pattern is Yankee Knitter Designs

(Pattern #29) Classic Socks for the Family. You can make a sock out of any weight of yarn and for any member of your family from baby to husband (or significant other or lover or … well, you get the idea.)

The reason that I love knitting is that in addition to keeping my hands busy and my head out of the fridge, is that it mirrors life so well. If I could only remember to follow my knitting intuition in life, I’d be so much more relaxed. No mistake is too big to undo – and you can “frog” a project as many times as you need to until you get it right. In life, that translates to no mistake is too big to repair. We can always re-do! I’ve made a few (ha!) mistakes in my life and you’ll hear about them more later, too.

We have so much to learn about knitting, life and each other. I’m so glad that you’ve decided to follow this blog!